30 Oct 2012

10 Weeks Old Today

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Today is my 10th week birthday, and I have been so busy! Mummy took me to her office to meet her work friends, they thought that was a bit weird, but I think they are weird, sitting at desks all day instead of outside exploring the world like me!
Today I met the Bin Men, they were singing the Proclaimers (500 miles) – I liked it “daaa da da daaaa…..” They said that next week they will surprise me with a different song.
This afternoon, Mummy took me to Worthington Park to meet my new best friends Kim and Tilly. Aunty Claire carried me around because I’m still not allowed on the ground, but I’m dying to explore!There was a man with a leaf blower and men chipping cut down trees, but I wasn’t scared!
Tomorrow I’m going to my first puppy party where I hope I will make lots of new friends. I will let you all know how I get on next time. Sniff sniff for now……!

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