09 Nov 2012

Puppy Party!

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Hi all! Another hectic week has passed and I went to my second puppy party! I’ve made lots of friends there; Ralph, Roxy, Gizmo and Lola and I love running around with them all! We get to play fight and wrestle, and I’m really cheeky and sit on all the pretty lady owners knees…..they all think I’m really cute! I just love the ladies! Mummy has introduced me to more grown up doggies this week too. I’m now friends with Kim and Tilly, and now Maisie and Dora too!
I had a bit of a poorly tummy earlier this week, Mummy says its from too many schmackos! I just love them tasty treats. Aunty Claire had to empty my glands, she was none too pleased! I have to say, what a stink! Hee hee!
I have learnt a new trick this week though, Mummy and Daddy wave kibble above my nose, so i sit on my bottom, and they seem really pleased with this. I’m just getting comfy so I can eat my treat, I honestly do not know what all the fuss is about!!
Puppy training classes next week, more friends to make and people to see, oh what a busy puppy! Sniff sniff paw fans!

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