25 Feb 2013

Puppy Visits

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To all puppy owners……ever wondered what your pup may get up to when you’re not there? How long would you leave your puppy for? What entertainment do you leave them with?

All important questions I think. And as a provider of puppy visits, obviously I always make sure mine is well cared for too. So see the attached photo?? This is what my puppy, Alfie, got up to when I left him for a couple of hours.

The frozen kongs, and the fresh kongs, the stag antlers, the various toys; were they enough to entertain a hyper-active working cocker spaniel puppy? Clearly not. The destruction you are looking at are my business flyers which Alfie helped himself to off the kitchen table and decided to shred.

Suppose it serves me right for a) leaving them within reach, b) not delivering them through letterboxes which is the whole point!

Anyway, just thought I’d share. Sometimes your puppy just isn’t in the mood for deliciously stuffed kongs and plenty of toys, they just simply want some company!

It made me smile, I hope it makes you smile too!

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