10 Dec 2012

I’ve been on my very 1st road trip this week to Hexham in Northumberland. There were some good points and some not so good points. Good: We got to go in Daddy’s car rather than Mummy’s Dog wagon with the silly pink writing (How embarrassing) Not so good: 2 and 1/2 hours in a car is about 2 hours too long! I tried to amuse myself by dropping one now and again which I thought was hilarious. The passengers of the car were none too amused though! Reckon they will think twice before putting me in the car for a long time again any time soon!
We went to stay with Freya & Hugo! Hugo was funny. He would lie on the floor whilst I climbed all over his head! We both enjoyed that a lot. We went for a walk and Freya and Hugo found me a massive stick – You’ve all seen pictures of me and I’m pretty small. This thing was massive! I had to drag it along behind me!
That’s all for now paw fans, sniff sniff!

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