22 Nov 2012

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in blogging recently, but I have been an extremely busy pup! I am now allowed to go out and explore. It is just so exciting that I just haven’t had the time to update you all with my progress!
I have been going to Worthington Park in Sale with my Mummy where she walks lots of other peoples doggies too! I have met so many new friends its amazing!
Mummy is ‘lead training’ me at the moment. This is not very fun. I don’t like my lead or my collar much. When I try and pull away from mummy on my lead she stops! Then she turns around and walks in the opposite direction. Very confusing! If I walk nicely though, she makes that funny ‘click’ noise and gives me something tasty….. trouble is I’m not always hungry!
When I’ve been really good, I get let off my lead and I love to play in all the crispy Autumn leaves! I jump up and down and rush in and out of them, wow they are so much fun!
Yesterday I discovered ‘puddles’! They are AMAZING! They make splashy noises and they have slimy mud in them, brilliant! I was filthy! We had to play the towel game when we got home and I don’t smell too clever either! Ha Ha!
I have also been going to puppy training classes. I learn lots of new things there like ‘Sit’ ‘Lie Down’ ‘Stay’ but my little brain hurts afterwards. When I’ve been to training I come home and go to bed early because I’m so tired!
Well I hope you’re all glad to hear from me, I will keep you updated on my training and let you know when I’ve learnt something new. Today it was ‘Paw’. That’s a fun one…… sniff sniff paw fans!

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