Cat / Pet Sitting


Cat Sitting

Cats are independent creatures and prefer to stay in their own environment rather than the confines of a cattery. Just for Paws’ cat sitting service, covers South Manchester and is the perfect solution which allows you to leave your cat in the comfort of their own home.

Just for Paws cat sitting service in South Manchester is the perfect alternative to boarding your cats at a cattery, preventing the trauma of travelling and being left in unfamiliar surroundings. As part of Just for Paws cat sitting service, we will feed and water your cat, play with them if they are playful, stroke them if they want cuddles or just provide general company if they are shy.

Just for Paws cat sitting service in South Manchester will be tailored to your cat’s individual needs, and can be provided once or twice a day depending on your preference.

As part of Just for Paws cat sitting service, we will meet with you in your home so that we can see your cat in their own environment. We will always ensure we meet your cat prior to any cat sitting services starting.

Please note that this service is limited to the Sale area only


Small Animals

Pet SittingWe will provide pet care tailored to meet the individual needs of the pet. We care for most types of small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, and birds.

Cat & Pet Sitting Services Include:

  • Feeding and providing fresh water
  • Cleaning of bowls
  • Grooming (if required)
  • Cleaning litter trays
  • Cleaning hutches / cages and providing fresh bedding
  • Administering medication (if required)
  • Playing and general fussing of your cat
  • Handling and playing with your pet as required

Cat Sitting Prices

Cat Sitting PricesSingle VisitTwice Daily VisitAdditional Cats
20 Minute Home Visit (Up to 2 cats)£10£15£3 Per Cat
Pop-in visit only* (Up to 2 cats)£7.50N/A£3 Per Cat

Pet Sitting Prices

Pet Sitting PricesPriceAdditional Pet Price
Rabbit/ Guinea Pig Care £10£3
Rodents, Fish, Bird Care£7.50N/A

In addition to looking after your pets we can also provide further security measures whilst you are away from home

Services Include:

  • Opening / closing of curtains
  • Switching on / off lights
  • Collecting post
  • Watering plants