Puppy Visits

To all puppy owners……ever wondered what your pup may get up to when you’re not there? How long would you leave your puppy for? What entertainment do you leave them with? All important questions I think. And as a provider of puppy visits, obviously I always make sure mine is well cared for too. So.. read more →

25 Feb 2013
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Road Trip

I’ve been on my very 1st road trip this week to Hexham in Northumberland. There were some good points and some not so good points. Good: We got to go in Daddy’s car rather than Mummy’s Dog wagon with the silly pink writing (How embarrassing) Not so good: 2 and 1/2 hours in a car.. read more →

10 Dec 2012
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Mud! Mud! Mud!

Holy Moley fellow woofers!!! Today I discovered mud! WOW! Its so smooth and silky, just like Mummy’s favourite chocolate. I don’t think Mummy was too impressed though, I saved my best shake until we got home and she is still cleaning the walls! Tee hee! read more →

26 Nov 2012
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Hello all! Sorry for the delay in blogging recently, but I have been an extremely busy pup! I am now allowed to go out and explore. It is just so exciting that I just haven’t had the time to update you all with my progress! I have been going to Worthington Park in Sale with.. read more →

22 Nov 2012
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Puppy Party!

Hi all! Another hectic week has passed and I went to my second puppy party! I’ve made lots of friends there; Ralph, Roxy, Gizmo and Lola and I love running around with them all! We get to play fight and wrestle, and I’m really cheeky and sit on all the pretty lady owners knees…..they all.. read more →

09 Nov 2012
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