One2One Training & Behavioural Consultations

Ema Davis BSc (Hons) is fully qualified in Canine Behaviour.

Dog Training Mentor - Victoria Stilwell Academy BadgeOne-2-one dog training is available to address specific issues you may be having with your dog. During your initial one-2-one session, your dog’s skill level will be assessed and any ongoing dog training needs will be identified.

These sessions are perfect for dogs who may not suit a class environment, for reasons such as stress, reactivity or anxiousness. A one2one session can provide a much more relaxed environment for a stressed out dog.

One-2-one dog training sessions are offered in a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure that you training needs are fully met.

Specialist dog behaviour consultations are also available to help with any behavioural issues your dog may be having. Please note that your dog will need to have seen a vet prior to any behavioural consultations to rule out any underlying medical issues.

Please contact me at for further details.