Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service provides pet care tailored to meet the individual needs of the pet. We care for most types of small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, and birds.

Services Include:

  • Feeding and changing of water
  • Cleaning hutches / cages and providing fresh bedding
  • Handling and playing with your pet as required
  • Administering medication if required

In addition to looking after your cat we can also provide further security measures whilst you are away from home

Services Include:

  • Opening / closing of curtains
  • Switching on / off lights
  • Collecting post
  • Watering plants

Petting Sitting Prices

Pet Sitting PricesPriceAdditional Pet Price
Rabbit/ Guinea Pig Care £10£3
Rodents, Fish, Bird Care£7.50N/A