“Absolutely fantastic – I cannot recommend highly enough. We’ve just completed the puppy course and really appreciate what both us and our dog have learned. You can read books and watch videos, but there is no substitute for learning how to do it from an expert. Plus it’s exceptional value for money – Ema really knows her stuff and was able to fix a number of issues we were having.
The puppy course covers basic commands, as well as providing valuable information about how to be a good dog owner and what to expect from our puppy. In addition to be being informative, the classes were also extremely good fun with a lot of laughs – we looked forward to going each week!
Everyone with a new puppy should do this course, and we look forward to doing the Bronze Course with Just for Paws in the new year.”

David MacfadenOct 2017

“Very experienced trainer. Good interaction in classes. We also had some excellent one to one sessions. My two dogs are now trained to recall on whistle. This is an amazing achievement! and quite unthinkable! We really enjoy the workshops Ema offers. Ema is very responsive to calls and queries. I highly recommend Ema.”

Andrea Archie, July 2017 Archie & Reggie

<"I can't recommend Ema enough! We've had Milo our 3yr old labradoodle for 12 months now and he's done 2, 6 week adult training courses at just for paws. These sessions have been fun and rewarding for both Milo and us and the progress he's made in the last few months is amazing! As if that wasn't good enough, he's also passed his bronze and silver good citizens award :) thank you so much Ema and Sarah for encouraging us to keep going!"

Alex MatthewsMilo

“We found Ema through Facebook and were drawn to her as Dexter is the same breed as her two boys. Ema clearly has a passion for dogs, Dexter loved her when he completed his puppy foundation and I think the feeling was mutual! The puppy training classes were well paced and Ema explains things really well, we’ve since taught Dexter more tricks with the things we learnt at class and will definitely be booking onto the bronze award.”

Stephanie CarrDexter

“Just completed our puppy training with Rosie the Springer and really would recommend the classes to anyone with a new pup. Really helped, especially with our basics of recall and loose lead walking, and classes are extremely friendly and fun. Bonus is that Rosie is completely shattered after each class too!”

Emma BeckRosie

Hi, Ema,
Thank you for six weeks of inspiring training. The sessions have helped Charlie develop from a timid chihuahua to a more confident dog. Although Charlie still panics when he has to go on a walk, your advice has been invaluable. Not only beneficial for his safety, Charlie’s training means that he has become an inquisitive dog and always keen to explore and try new things. It was lovely to see him tackle new challenges. The sessions were hilarious and I feel Neil, Charlie and myself all enjoyed the course. Your extensive notes were really useful.
You’ll be pleased to hear that Charlie’s training is still continuing at home! His vocabulary list is stuck up on the wall and is a great reminder for the whole family. Good luck with future courses and hello to Alfie your fabulous, exemplary pet!
Best wishes, Wendy & Charlie”

Wendy ParsonsCharlie

“After moving to the area and unfortunately needing to say goodbye to our previous dog walker, we were initially worried about finding a new one who worked in a similar way.
We needn’t have been concerned! Ema has been walking Mabel for the past 7 months and Mabel’s utter joy when she arrives at the door, and tiredness when she leaves, are both testament to the wonderful time she has.
We recently took Mabel to Ema’s adolescent training class which led to some fabulous results too – the sessions being both fun and informative. Mabel now walks beautifully on her lead and has excellent recall – even when heading after something exciting!
We would highly recommend Just for Paws.”

Rachel WrightMabel

“We went to the adult dog training that Ema did at Sale Moor Community Centre. We took our 6 year old Cocker Spaniel Zebedee. We went with the aim of getting some better close lead walking as well as to engage Zebedees active mind and give him something to learn. The classes provided that in abundance with Zebedee getting loads from the classes as well as better lead work and better response to food manners. This was something we had tried but not succeeded in with Emas assistance it was overcome in just a few short sessions. The course gives plenty of great homework to carry on at home and lots of energy and opportunity to develop the skills in class.”

Adam JamesZebedee

Went to one of Ema’s workshops on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Found it extremely interesting and informative, Ema certainly knows her stuff! Highly recommend Ema’s services, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does which draws you in and gets you hooked! 10*s if I could.”

Melissa DuffyMarley

“I am totally blind and I attend a Good Citizens Gold class with my dog Alice. Ema has gone out of her way to make the course accessible to me, providing assistance with helping to mark behaviours in a timely manner, very kindly arranging a lift with another client for part of the way as the venue is not near a Metrolink, and explaining visual hand signals etc by coming over and demonstrating by putting her hands on mine. Ema is very knowledgeable, and has put much thought into adapting her training methods to suit a working Guide Dog. For example, not giving treats from the floor. I would thoroughly recommend Ema’s classes to anyone who wants to progress their working or pet dog through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. Or to anyone who wants tips on improving the behaviour of their dog.”

Donna WaringAlice

“I have 2 doggy daycare centres and I can wholeheartedly say Ema is by far the best trainer I’ve come across. I’m putting my girls back through their training and to gain their kennel club good citizen awards. I wish I had found her years ago.”

Dawn MarshallBella

“Great classes – as well as learning lots classes are great fun – Iris is sound asleep after tonight’s class.
I have been a member of two dog training clubs and train with another trainer (I have 3 dogs). All have been good experiences but Ema is by far the best trainer I have worked with. She really knows her stuff and it shows. Absolutely love working with her. Working towards gold with Iris, and she is coming on leaps and bounds with Ema.”

Jacquie WilsonIris