Dog Training One2one

Not all dogs like to learn in a group environment, and some owners can’t always to commit to fixed sessions. We realise that life can get in the way, and so we provide our dog training services in your own home!
We can help you train your dog in the comfort of your own home. So if you are having any training problems with your dog, we can provide you with the solution.

Our one2one dog training sessions cover all aspects of dog training, so if your dog is in need of some help with the following, we can help you to train them!

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We can help with:

paw print

Pulling on the lead

paw print

Not coming back when called

paw print


paw print

Lunging or barking on lead

paw print

Chasing cyclists / joggers/ wildlife

paw print

Destructive behaviours

paw print

Hyper behaviours

paw print

Unable to switch off

Our one2one dog training sessions are available weekday afternoons as we run our classes in the evenings and workshops at weekends.

We will provide you with ongoing support in-between appointments and written, clear to follow advice for when we are not there to support you.

We can help you to resolve any dog training issues with clear guidance and helpful support!

One2one sessions are an hour long, and prices start from £120 per session.


“Ema is lovely as well as very knowledgeable”

We have done 3 x 6 week training classes and a couple of 1:1s with Ema and learnt so much.

Would definitely recommend the puppy classes, we learnt so many little things we didn’t even know we needed to learn.

The 1:1s were to help with specific issues we were having and they were a huge help. Ema is lovely as well as very knowledgeable.

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Experienced dog training support with great results
Help with all dog training problems
Just for Paws dog training all problems

Just for Paws Accreditations

Ema is accredited with ABTC, PACT, IAABC and ICAN, organisations all of whom share force free and positive dog training ethics.

Professional and qualified dog training services

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With our help, you and your dog can develop a strong bond and enjoy a lifetime of happy memories together and we look forward to working with you.