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Ema Davis Just for Paws Dog Training with Victoria Stillwell

My name is Ema Davis, and I am the founder and owner of Just for Paws Dog Training and Behaviour.

I am a fully qualified, experienced dog trainer and behaviourist. I have an Honours Degree in Zoology and a Diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour.

Just for Paws Dog Training and Behaviour is the largest dog training school based in Trafford and we have been helping the dogs and dog owning community for over a decade!

I am a Mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy.

As part of this role, I mentor students who are currently studying to become dog training professionals.

My role as a Mentor for the academy allows me to pass on my knowledge to students who want to start their own dog training businesses.

Students get hands-on dog training experience at my Just for Paws Dog Training Classes and one2one sessions.

Just for Paws Accreditations

Ema is accredited with ABTC, PACT, IAABC and ICAN, organisations all of whom share force free and positive dog training ethics.


Dog Training Classes

We provide fun, interactive and informative dog training classes. Using positive dog training methods we can help you to improve the relationship between you and your dog. By teaching you, you will have all the skills you need to train your dog to do anything!


Ema Davis Qualified Dog Training and Behaviour

One2One Dog Training Sessions

We also offer one2one training sessions for those who have dogs who may not be comfortable in a class environment.

During these sessions we can work on any specific issues you and your dog may be experiencing and provide you with a dog training plan tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

We can help you with a variety of dog training issues, such as pulling on a lead, making sure your dog comes back everytime, and much more. We teach you the skills you need to train your dog successfully.

Ema Davis Qualified Dog Training and Behaviour


Ema Davis Spaniel Specialist Dog Trainer

Behaviour Consultations

Ema Davis BSc (Hons) is fully qualified in Canine Behaviour. She is also vet recommended.

During Behaviour Consultations we can work on any behavioural issues your dog may be experiencing, such as; Separation Distress and/or Anxiety, fear related behaviour, hyperactivity, aggression, barking or lunging at other dogs or anything else that may be causing you problems.

All behaviour consultations are by vet referral only, so please don’t be surprised when we ask you for a full health check!

Ema Davis Crufts Pack
Ema Davis Just For Paws
Ema Davis at Crufts
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