Behaviour Consultations

Ema is fully qualified as a canine behaviourist and works alongside local vets to help you when your dog is having behaviour problems.

With us all living in a fast-paced environment and living busy lives, it’s not a surprise that some of our dogs can find this a challenge. This is how behavioural issues occur.

Ema can help with the following issues:

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Separation distress / anxiety
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Fears and phobias
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Extreme reactivity
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Barking / lunging / growling
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Hyperactivity / arousal

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Nervousness / anxiety
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Behaviour consultations are strictly via vet referral only.


“after working with Ema, our dog has made incredible progress”

I cannot recommend Ema enough!

Our hyperactive Collie Lab mix was a handful, and we were at our wits’ end trying to control his impulsive behavior. But after working with Ema, our dog has made incredible progress and is now much calmer and easier to handle.

Ema was patient and knowledgeable throughout the training process, and took the time to explain the reasoning behind each technique. We felt empowered as owners, and learned how to better communicate with our dog to achieve the results we wanted.

Overall, we are thrilled with the progress our dog has made under Ema’s guidance, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive, effective dog trainer.

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Support every step of the way

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dog behaviour support Manchester with Just for Paws
Working alongside your vet, Ema can provide a structured and tailored solution to any behavioural problems your dog may be having.

Behavioural sessions require an in-depth history and planned approach. Ema will guide you every step of the way to help you and your dog. Sessions vary in length due to the complexities involved. However, you will have ongoing support at all times.

Once Ema has identified the cause of the behavioural problem, she will work closely with you (and your vet as necessary) to help you resolve it.

You and your vet will be given a full behaviour report, and you will be given a detailed and structured training plan to work on with your dog.


“Ema was completely non-judgmental”

Just had our first 1-1 at home with Ema and it was great.

Bella is a very anxious dog and I was also very nervous but we needn’t have worried. Ema was completely non-judgmental over our complete lack of previous training.

From the moment Ema came into the house it was clear she understood Bella.

She explained how we can immediately help reduce her stress levels and how we can work towards keeping her calm in stressful situations.

Everything she said made perfect sense. I learnt a lot and hopefully Bella did too!

Looking forward to our next session.

Thank you Ema

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Just for Paws Accreditations

Ema is accredited with ABTC, PACT, IAABC and ICAN, organisations all of whom share force free and positive dog training ethics.


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