Fun & Family Friendly Puppy Training Classes in Sale

Our puppy training classes are designed with you in mind. We provide positive puppy training classes to set you and your puppy up for your future!
We aim to give you and your puppy all of the life skills required so that your puppy develops into a happy and obedient family pet.

Just for Paws puppy training classes help you to learn how to prevent behaviour problems in the future, by teaching you what you need to be training and what to look out for.

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“has given all of us greater confidence”

Ema & Hannah were professional and great fun. We had wanted the quality reassurance of a Kennel Club approved trainer, which was certainly worthwhile.

Sessions were well organised, personal (six-in-a-class numbers) and based around practical exercises we could practice at home – always with opportunities for Q&A.

The course content was just what we needed as a family starting out with a puppy. It has given all of us greater confidence as handlers and, perhaps more importantly, will hopefully help our puppy to develop as a happy and well mannered young lady.

I have no hesitation recommending Just for Paws to anyone wanting to make the right start with puppy training.

Sale Moor Community Centre Puppy Classes with Just For Paws

Join our fun classes

Sale Moor Community Centre Puppy Classes with Just For Paws

Our puppy training classes are fun, interactive and informative, giving you and your puppy the best start in life.

Our positive dog training methods really help you to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy!

Just for Paws puppy training classes include the Kennel Club Puppy Foundations award and Life Skills. All taught by fully qualified and experienced dog training instructors, using positive reinforcement.

Our puppy training classes include:


Sit / down / stand

Sit stay
Watch me
Loose lead walking
Leave it & drop it
General handling
Food manners

Our puppy training classes are suitable for puppies up to the age of 9 months.

Just for Paws group puppy training classes
Monday evenings
Sale Moor Community Centre
Norris Road, Sale, M33 2TN

£144 for a 6 week course

Just for Paws group puppy training classes

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to teach me and my pup!”

We took our pup, Alfie, to puppy classes and it was excellent!

Ema and the gang really know what they are talking about. They do positive reinforcement training too, which was important to us.

It was a 6-week course which really teaches you and your pup a lot and you and your pup even get a little rosette and certificate when you pass!

They also offer 1 on 1 training and lots of other courses too. Alfie has also taken part in the Sniffer Dog course which he really enjoyed and helped him build his confidence loads as he is a nervous dog.

Would highly recommend whether you’ve just got a new pup and looking to learn the basics, already have a pup and want to build confidence and learn new skills or just need 1 to 1 on a certain issue.

Ema is a highly renowned trainer and behaviourist with lots of qualifications and experience under her belt.

Well worth the money, I wouldn’t want anyone else to teach me and my pup!

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Puppy Socialisation Masterclass

Puppy trying new things at socialisation class

Here at Just for Paws Dog Training and Behaviour, we believe getting your puppy the best start in life is vital.

Making sure that you provide the right type of socialisation for your dog is critical to their mental health and wellbeing. These days everyone thinks they are a dog expert, but we really are and we are here to help you!

All puppies need to be carefully exposed to everything that they are likely to come across in later life, so that they develop core life skills. It is important the type of socialisation they receive is suitable for their future lifestyle.

Puppy trying new things at socialisation class
Puppy Socialisation Classes Sale Manchester

One of the biggest problems with socialisation is people misunderstanding what it actually is. Socialisation is about exposing your puppy to the real world, not just other dogs, to help them learn desirable life skills. Its about teaching them positive life experiences and remaining neutral in all environments. Did you know that for most puppies, by 16 weeks of age, the socialisation window is closed and anything they are exposed to after that is no longer classed as socialisation?

This is because, even after birth, puppies brains are still ‘wiring’ certain connections.

By the time they are 16 weeks old the puppy brain is fully developed and the socialisation window is closed.

This means that no matter how hard you try to ‘socialise’ your dog after this period, it just can’t be done.

You can still introduce new experiences, but your puppy will handle them differently to how they did when they were younger.

So what is Socialisation?

Socialisation involves ensuring that your puppy has positive experiences with all sorts of different things; different types of people such as men, women and children; different types of environments, like vet surgeries and dog grooming facilities, the local park and shopping centres; large crowds of people like at dog shows; household noises like washing machines, tumble dryers and vacuum cleaners; travelling in the car; different types of wildlife; other adult dogs or household pets.

The list really is endless!

Most puppies join their new families at approx. 8 weeks of age.

That only leaves you another 8 weeks to expose them to their new lifestyle. 8 weeks is really not a very long time at all.

So if you want your puppy to get the best start in their new life, why not come along to one of our Masterclasses to see what ‘Socialisation’ is actually all about?

puppy socialisation for new young puppies

Join us at Puppy Socialisation Masterclass!

Our Puppy Socialisation Masterclass is available to all puppies aged up to 16 weeks.

We offer carefully supervised activities, and a weekly diary of activities for you to practise with your puppy at home.

This ensures that you can give your puppy the best start, the right way. All of our puppy experts are qualified and experienced to help you turn your puppy into a happy dog.

By socialising your puppy correctly, under the guidance of a qualified professional, you can help to prevent any behavioural problems in later life, including fears and phobias.

Every Thursday evening
Sale Moor Community Centre
Norris Road, Sale, M33 2TN
The cost is £10 for Just for Paws members, and £15 for non members.
You can attend these sessions before your puppy has finished all of their vaccinations so you can get on the right track quickly.

You can attend as many sessions as you like, until your puppy is 16 weeks old.

Just for Paws Accreditations

Ema is accredited with ABTC, PACT, IAABC and ICAN, organisations all of whom share force free and positive dog training ethics.

Professional and qualified dog training services

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With our help, you and your dog can develop a strong bond and enjoy a lifetime of happy memories together and we look forward to working with you.