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As a leading education provider, we’re here to support you and your dog on your dog training journey.

Our positive dog training services are here to meet all your training needs, making it a fun-filled journey for both you and your dog.

We can help with nervous and fearful dogs, barking dogs, dogs that pull, dogs that don’t come back when called and much more!

We provide specialist services and can help you with behaviour problems such as separation anxiety/distress, reactivity and phobias, all under our expert knowledge and guidance.

Fully qualified, experienced and vet recommended.

Our dog training and puppy training classes provide you with all of the skills you need to train your dog both successfully and positively.

If classes aren’t for you, we can provide at home, one2one training, so that you can train your dog in the comfort of your own home.

You’re in a safe space, no judgements, we are here for you.


Just For Paws dog training and puppy classes Sale

Puppy Classes

Giving you and your puppy all of the life skills required so that your puppy develops into a happy and obedient family pet.

Dog Training

Helping you to resolve any dog training issues with clear guidance and helpful support.

Dog Behaviour

Providing a structured and tailored solution to any behavioural problems your dog may be having.


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“Ema is so calm, patient & very knowledgeable.”

Pippa & I have just completed the puppy foundation course & cannot recommend this enough.

Ema is so calm, patient & very knowledgeable. We chose Ema as she has 4 spaniels herself and having a springer puppy her knowledge and support has been invaluable.

Knowing what to expect with a working breed and how to manage certain behaviours has really helped as new puppy parents!

Each week we are taught something new & you can raise any concerns or questions during the class.

At the end of each session I go home confident that I can practice the excercises we have learned & are on track to raise a well behaved family dog.

Andrea Quattrucci
Andrea Quattrucci
As part of my Dog Training Course with the Victoria Stilwell Academy, Ema has been my mentor for the past 3 months, and I couldn't be more happy to be able to learn from her and participate of her classes and some of her one-to-one sessions with clients. She is really knowledgeable in all that has to do with dog training and dog cognition, and has been kind enough to share all that she knows with me. Her feedback has always been constructive and supportive, and she helped me develop my own skills to improve as a dog trainer. Many thanks!😊
Gema Perez Marin
Gema Perez Marin
We are currently taking part in the Beginners Gundog training group with our three-year-old dog, Leo. Ema was recommended to us by our vets and we first met her on a consultation appointment regarding Leo’s recall. Her knowledge and experience with working Cocker spaniels is 2nd to none. Week by week we have been amazed with Leo’s ability to learn and his obedience and recall have greatly improved. Ema’s relaxed approach to sessions make gundog training fun for both dogs and humans . We are looking forward to our next sessions 🐶
Jenny Worrall
Jenny Worrall
We took our pup, Alfie, to puppy classes and it was excellent! Ema and the gang really know what they are talking about. They do positive reinforcement training too, which was important to us. It was a 6 week course which really teaches you and your pup alot and you and your pup even get a little rosette and certificate when you pass! They also offer 1 on 1 training and lots of other courses too. Alfie has also took part in the Sniffer Dog course which he really enjoyed and helped him build his confidence loads as he is a nervous dog. Would highly recommend whether you've just got a new pup and looking to learn the basics, already have a pup and want to build confidence and learn new skills or just need 1 to 1 on a certain issue. Ema is a highly renowned trainer and behaviourist with lots of qualifications and experience under her belt. Well worth the money, I wouldn't want anyone else to teach me and my pup!
Amber Louise Jackson
Amber Louise Jackson
We have been using Just for Paws for just over a year, taking part in the the various group classes and the using the 1 2 1 sessions. I am a so fortunate to have chosen Ema . Having a nervous pup was a real challenge but with Ema’s knowledge, skills , patience and support we now have a pup who is growing into a happy and well adjusted dog. I would highly recommend using Just for Paws, you won’t be disappointed!
Susan Nelder
Susan Nelder
We have done 3 x 6 week training classes and a couple of 1:1s with Ema and learnt so much. Would definitely recommend the puppy classes, we learnt so many little things we didn’t even know we needed to learn. The 1:1s were to help with specific issues we were having and they were a huge help. Ema is lovely as well as very knowledgeable.
Gemma Bethel
Gemma Bethel
Excellent puppy training class. Learning the basics of training for both the person and the puppy. Great to meet new people with puppies in Sale too! Definitely recommend
Nichols Greamshaw
Nichols Greamshaw
Ema & Hannah were professional and great fun. We had wanted the quality reassurance of a Kennel Club approved trainer, which was certainly worthwhile. Sessions were well organised, personal (six-in-a-class numbers) and based around practical exercises we could practice at home - always with opportunities for Q&A. The course content was just what we needed as a family starting out with a puppy. It has given all of us greater confidence as handlers and, perhaps more importantly, will hopefully help our puppy to develop as a happy and well mannered young lady. I have no hesitation recommending Just for Paws to anyone wanting to make the right start with puppy training.
Pollyanna Williams
Pollyanna Williams
We’ve just finished a 6wk Puppy course with Ema, it was super informative! It has really helped focus Wilbur, especially training him away from our older dog. Lots of useful tips that we’ve been able to practise week to week. Thanks again to Ema, Hannah & Roo 🐶
Rebecca Holroyd
Rebecca Holroyd
Just completed the puppy foundation course with Bobbie. It was fantastic, Ema really knows her stuff! We would highly recommend this course.


Founder and owner of Just for Paws Dog Training and Behaviour.

I am a fully qualified, experienced dog trainer and behaviourist and hold an Honours Degree in Zoology and a Diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour.

I am also a Mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy.

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Ema Davies Just for Paws Qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

fun stuff with your dog!

Gundog Training

Gundog training Sale Altrincham Timperley Trafford Cheshire Stockport Manchester Lancashire

This type of dog training, which caters for all breeds,  can offer a wide range of benefits to both you and your dog’s relationship.

Gundog training is a great way to improve communication between you and your dog. This type of training requires a high level of focus and attention from both the dog and the owner, which can help to establish a stronger bond and deepen your relationship.


Scentwork Sale Altrincham Timperley Trafford Cheshire Stockport Manchester Lancashire

The dog’s nose is without doubt the most powerful tool belonging to each and every dog! All dogs can be trained to find any scent.

Just for Paws provides scentwork classes that help you to teach your dog to find a specific scent, whilst having fun together with you. Our classes are fun and interactive, and we aim to ensure that you and your dog have a great experience.

Just for Paws Accreditations

Ema is accredited with ABTC, PACT, IAABC and ICAN, organisations all of whom share force free and positive dog training ethics.

Professional and qualified dog training services

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